Secure Schools Program – Security CCTV Installer

Caught In the Act Video Surveillance Pty Ltd. has many years of experience installing Security CCTV Cameras in Schools around Melbourne. We provide both Analog and IP Video Surveillance systems.Caught In The Act has provided Security Solutions to over 200 schools in Victoria alone

All our Technicians are Working with Children Approved

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Caught In The Act offers different recorders depending on the particular needs of any school. All devices are high-resolution digital security recording systems. Any of those can be integrated with external data sources and/or connected into overriding management systems. Motion detection is integrated for all camera inputs. Thus, recording only takes places when there is an activity, which ensures that the existing storage is used effectively. The detachable BNC terminal board and the LCD display for service and status displays allow simple handling of the systems. Comprehensive surveillance mechanisms (e.g. dynamic fan control, monitoring of exterior and interior temperature, diagnosis of assembly groups, voltage control, etc.) guarantee highest operational stability and a long life cycle of the recorder.

Data protection requirements are not breached by monitoring schools. Usually, only the school exterior is monitored (playgrounds, sports grounds etc.) and in any
case the cameras can be turned off during the school day. Some cameras located in areas that are particularly prone to theft such as bicycle stands are set to record continuously. If no theft is reported, the data are automatically overwritten after a specified period of time (e.g. two days if that is what
the customer chooses). Rights for viewing the pictures are allocated according to the pre-determined user profile. For example, the on-site operator, perhaps the teacher responsible for security, has the right to view the recordings and, if necessary, copy footage to a DVD. It is usual that this access authorisation is
set up to require adhering to the four-eye-principle. This ensures that recordings can only be viewed together with the headmaster or a member of the student representation. The actual criminal prosecution is then carried out by the police.

More Information on The Secure Schools Program, click this link