Reliable CCTV Security Systems

Protect you premises with our state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions and forget about unauthorised access to your home or business. By installing our CCTV system you will be able to monitor your place at anytime and from anywhere. Automatically track multiple moving targets and capture excellent images of the moving targets for identification hassle free.


CITACT offers complete systems with perfectly integrated components for video surveillance from a single source.


Iguana Systems – Active Surveillance System

IGUANA system is unique for its ability to automatically track multiple moving targets and capture excellent images of the moving targets for identification.The main functions of IGUANA:
Intelligent auto tracking
Can track dozens of targets at the same time. Lock on 5 targets within one second.
The effective area of one camera moudule is about 3,440 square meters (67.5M×51M, 160 pixel/ meter) (*According to the CCTV Operational Requirements Manual published by U.K. Home Office – Scientific Development Branch, it requires resolution of 160 pixel/meter to achieve the level of RECOGNISE.)
The durability and tracking speed is much better than Speed Dome camera.


Dallmeier Systems

Dallmeier, one of the world leading providers of products for network-based video surveillance solutions, already has more than 25 years experience in the development and manufacture of high quality components and complete solutions for the CCTV/IP sector.

Whether its Panomera, cameras, recorders, storage systems, intelligent video analysis or video management – as well as offering stand-alone products, Dallmeier also offers complete systems with perfectly integrated components for video surveillance from a single source.

Multifocal sensor system

The multifocal sensor system Panomera® was specially developed for the all-encompassing video surveillance of expansive areas. With Panomera®, huge widths, as well as areas with large distances can be displayed with a completely new resolution quality (up to 85 megapixels), in real time and at high frame rates of up to 30 fps.With Panomera®, a huge area can be surveyed from a single location, and depending on the customer’s needs, the resolution can be scaled nearly limitlessly.

PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) CamerasThe high-resolution IP network PTZ dome camera DDZ4010-YY/HS/HD with 10× optical zoom, auto-focus and Dallmeier Cam_inPIX® technology provides Full High-Definition video (1080p) and is available in three mounting variants (in-ceiling mount, surface mount, weather-proof).
HD CamerasDallmeier HD camera provides real-time Full HD video (1080p/30) using the H.264 codec that is currently the most sophisticated standard for high-efficiency video compression.
Besides a comprehensive set of automatic and manual image optimization functions, the camera features many other setting options, especially useful for demanding surveillance applications.
RecordersThe DMX 1600 is a hybrid VideoIP appliance with integrated storage system. Using a release code the basic version with 8 free allocatable
(analogue/SD-IP/HD-IP) video channels can be expanded by up to 8 further free allocatable video channels. Up to 8 IP based video channels can be
activated additionally.
The DMX 1600 is characterised by its space-saving design as well as by its low power consumption and low thermal output. It is ideally suited for
applications requiring high-speed recording, expanded storage capacity and low power consumption while ensuring maximum security.

LT 300 Series PTZ Cameras

  • x27 Optical Zoom (Auto Focus)
  • Day & Night Function (IR Cut Filter)
  • Digital Slow Shutter
  • 0°~350° Pan, Max 120°/sec
  • 0°~180° Tilt, Max 120°/sec
  • IP66 / Vandal Proof Cover
  • Privacy Zone Masking (8 Zones)

L320/321 High Performance Cameras

  • Min. Illumination : 0.05 Lux (Color mode, Sens-up Off) 0.000001 Lux (B/W, Sens-up x128)
  • ICR Day & Night (L321)
  • Digital Day & Night (L320)
  • Sens-up (3D-DNR)EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
  • HSBLC (Highlight Suppress BLC)Wide Range of White Balance
  • 8 Privacy Zone Masking

LSR 300/700

  • 1/3" Interline Transfer Color CCD
  • Vari-focal 6-50mm DC IRIS Lens
  • ICR Day & Night
  • BLC
  • High Power IR LED 45pcs
  • IR LED Distance 70M
  • 4 Privacy Masking Area

VISION – Super Night vision Outdoor AF Zoom camera

VA205-VL60 is an Auto Focus Zoom lens built-in day/night
camera specially designed for the professional Day/Night
surveillance. With the built-in 10x (f3.8~38mm) optical zoom lens
and Digital 10x zoom function, the camera provides 100 times of
zoom capability.

Analog CCTV Systems

  • Storage of high quality image data
  • Sound recording and support for two-way voice communication
  • Various modes of multi-view screen (1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 32
    Multi-view Screen)
  • Movement detection and sensor activation
  • Fast and easy data search
  • Schedule management
  • Automatic data backup
  • E-mail event alert(DiViS-Net, E-mail)

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